Build #015 - Polaris Gumdrop 5 Fretless

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Re: Build #015 - Polaris Gumdrop 5 Fretless

Post by drbass » 14 Oct 2018, 16:07

packrat wrote:
14 Oct 2018, 10:07
Aha. That’s how you did it!
That's every SIMILAR to how I did it with the fretless. In that instance I cut a vertical slot (different stage of the neck, much more carved). Here I drew a line at 1 cm depth on the side of the neck, set the fret saw to 5 mm cutting depth and cut at an angle. Should work just fine but the lines will be a lot shorter (which doesn't bother me, they'll be clearly visible).

Requires a little bit of forward thinking but I personally think it's a great way of achieving acceptable accuracy on a fretless without ruining the board (thank you, Ivan, for agreeing with that).

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