Build #019 - Polaris Special Q Shortscale TP Signature

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Re: Build #019 - Polaris Special Q Shortscale TP Signature

Post by drbass » 13 Oct 2018, 12:45

PilbaraBass wrote:
09 Oct 2018, 17:19
love the timber! The shape reminds me a little of a thicker version of a P-bass Lyte. I really like it a lot! Good job!
Thanks, Kerry. Wasn't aware of the P Lyte (had to look it up), and you're not wrong. Thicker though? My build is 37 mm which in old school terms translates to 1.46" ;) .

Anyway, thought I'd put this here, more necks. Spent a lot of time in the workshop machining and routing - had to be done, of course, but "boring".

On the left three blanks with lots of grooves for truss rod and carbon rods. The carbon rods are already glued in (pic was taken before that), and all that's left to do is make the truss rod channel a little deeper and wider at the headstock end. You'll see that I'm doing 4 carbon rods for the neck-through (in this case it's #018 with the purple heart top) just because I can and to see if there's any difference.
On the right are the raw bits for the #014 replacement neck (remember, ended up not square but I was able to salvage that for a standard neck) and for the #020 Manta (5-piece). They are glued up already as well, and looking good.

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