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Re: Bass Clearance List September 2012

Post by kranaux12 » 20 Jun 2017, 02:05

Bass People wrote:I'm Glad you asked Matt :)

Whilst ever we are here any warranty claims will be handled as usual through the store. When we are gone the warranties will be serviced through the respective suppliers - just hold onto your receipt and tell them you bough the item from BP and that there is a problem.

If the item was one of the lines we imported , the amp stuff will be handled by the manufacturer through an Aussie service agent Mobilier pas cher (this will be the same guy who has been working on this stuff for since we opened and before when Green Square Music sold Direct to public.

Instrument warranty stuff will be handled by our main man Matt @ Saltmine Repair.

Does that answer any queries?

To be super clear - its Illegal for us to sell without warranty regardless of if we are in the process of closing or not. And Besides - we wouldn't do that anyway because we are such upstanding citizens. :drinkingbuddies: :D

Thank you very much for this information. Alternatively, we can also consider posting photos and pictures here.

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