False alarms

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False alarms

Post by brooksi » 19 Feb 2009, 18:41

Sitting here browsing, and 4 big firemen. 8/ Turned up asking where the fire is :shrug: .I say what fire they said they had a phone call, saying that my flat is on fire and I'm trapped in side. :bat: WTF i hate prank callers. :banghead:
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Re: False alarms

Post by Mr_Dave » 19 Feb 2009, 22:16

yeah i hate that shit, what a waste of resources...
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Re: False alarms

Post by ROON » 20 Feb 2009, 14:00

Wow, whatever moron made that call deserves a firm punch to the face. It's not funny in any situation, but why would you joke around about fires NOW?
- Josh

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