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Re: The funny thread

Post by aphekgreg » 14 Apr 2019, 13:08 ... ect-audio/
Double-Blind ABX Testing Proves All Power Cords Have an Effect on Audio -
by Mark Henninger on April 1, 2019
3 minutes

There’s nothing quite like that last three feet of copper wire to make that solid connection between the electrical grid and an audio appliance.

Amazing but true… meticulous double-blind testing has recently proven the efficacy of power cords when it comes to audio. It turns out that power cords are key conduits for electrons, which are the fuel that power speakers. This has led to in-depth academic research as to what effect, exactly, power cords have on audio systems.

Recent experiments show that 100% of listeners were able to tell the difference between using an amplifier with a power cord attached, and without. The carefully screened and trained listeners described the power cords as “bringing sound to the system” and “the key to making this thing work.” The power cords were also described as “familiar” and “easy to use.”

The only confusing thing about the experiment was that measurements showed an even lower noise floor without a power cord than with one, as well as markedly lower levels of distortion. However, listeners also reported that the power cord-free systems “sorely lacked in dynamics, bass, treble, midrange, imaging and PRAT.” Additional research found that systems with power cords performed at their very best when plugged in.

The benefits of power cords extend beyond amplification. It was found that power cords are key to getting the most out of your source as well. Participants in various rigorous and scientific studies were impressed with how power cords seemed to “bring record players and CD players to life,” and the impact of a power cord on either the PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X cannot be understated. “It’s like the difference between nothing, and something” said one participant.

And there you have it.
The efficacy of power cords when it comes to audio is no longer theory, it’s proven fact.
They are an effective way to tap into the grid and feed that audiophile thirst for power.

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Re: The funny thread

Post by BazzBass » 14 Apr 2019, 13:16

to add further, if you add a double adaptor or 4 way strip between the cord and the powerpoint, the results are almost identical, well, they are identical
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