Help. Who can fix an Aguilar TH DI?

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Help. Who can fix an Aguilar TH DI?

Post by bass-in-yoface » 26 May 2018, 10:15

Hey all.
I need help to fix my Aguilar Tone Hammer DI.
I've sent it to someone who said they could fix it, but it came back with the same problem.

It currently makes an intermittent static or white noise sound - very noisy at times, and quite a full frequency range - and its unpredictable.
Nothing to do with earth/lift switch - tried that.
Not cables etc.

I have two Tone Hammer pedals. One is on my board and the other (the problem one) I have as a spare or when I fly without an amp. The one on the board works perfectly (on AND off the board).

Need the other one fixed. HELP.


Anyone got any referrals or know anything?
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Re: Help. Who can fix an Aguilar TH DI?

Post by Rocksolid » 26 May 2018, 15:06

I had something that sounds similar with mine. Static, popped at times when turning on or off. Took it to my Tech, Rob at Pro Harmonics, he spoke to Aguilar.

In short, it was static electricity build up, from a poor earth. The earth is done by a star washer/eyelet on a cable, held to the body of the pedal around the input socket, on the inside of the case. The nut on the input socket is plastic. Rob called it optimistic engineering. In theory it should work, but if the plastic nut isn't tight enough, or the masking of the paint isn't right on the inside of the case. The eyelet doesn't get a good earth, and static builds up. How much force can a plastic nut put on an eyelet for an earth?

Rob attached the earth to the inside of the case on mine with a screw if I recall. It's been whisper quiet ever since.

This might not be your issue, but I hope this helps.
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