Earthquaker Devices DIY pedal kits

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Earthquaker Devices DIY pedal kits

Post by narcdor » 08 Apr 2018, 14:12

Looks like fun. Good idea teaming up as clearly EQD don’t want to build them anymore and are probably sick of people asking, good solution.

If only I could play them before I build so I know what it sounds like, resale won’t exist with these. ... edal_Kits/
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Re: Earthquaker Devices DIY pedal kits

Post by Veldar » 03 May 2018, 10:03

I had no idea this existed, thank you!
Originally this was where all the people I've sold/gotten gear from that went well, but I haven't met a bad person yet :D

Thanks to giggawazza for the Bongo.

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Re: Earthquaker Devices DIY pedal kits

Post by slave » 04 May 2018, 21:35

Likewise - thanks!

Disaster transport & JHS Low Drive are pedals I've wanted to try for ages.

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