Lightweight versatile bass smp

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Lightweight versatile bass smp

Post by C_john_knowles » 26 Mar 2018, 08:26

I own a Peavy TKO 60 and also a Trace Elliot Series 6 AH300 and cabinet. I’m looking for suggestions for an all-rounder type with a warm tone and sufficient grunt to play small rock gigs without having to lug a big cabinet and back-breakingly heavy head. I looked at an Orange Terror 500w head and cube cabinet.
Any advice?

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Re: Lightweight versatile bass smp

Post by blizzard » 26 Mar 2018, 09:31

How much do you want to spend? On the cheaper side the Fender Rumble 500 is great. The higher end the Aguilar Tonehammer 500 is very warm sounding.

Fender Rumble cabs are cheap, good sounding and relatively light.

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Re: Lightweight versatile bass smp

Post by bassbass » 26 Mar 2018, 10:18

If you are in Vic, last week I saw an Ashdown 600W amp head at cashies in Ringwood. I didn't test it so I've no idea if it works properly, but it was about 300 bucks, and Ashdown is well known for its warm tone.

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Re: Lightweight versatile bass smp

Post by slowlearner » 27 Mar 2018, 13:01

For lightweight, it's hard to go past the new Fenders. My sis-in-law has one and loves it.
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Re: Lightweight versatile bass smp

Post by billybass » 02 Apr 2018, 08:20

I own an Orange Bass Terror 500, small, light weight and loads of power. It is the only amp I know of that will give you 500 watts into 4 or 8Ohm cabinet. I used to own a Aguilar Tonehammer, but I didn't think it had enough grunt and sold it.

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Re: Lightweight versatile bass smp

Post by Rocksolid » 02 Apr 2018, 08:39

Warmest D class heads I have used are the Quilter BB800, Mark Bass TTE500, and the Bergantino B|Amp.

The first 2 are very warm, and can be had at a great price, although the TTE is quite big. Not so versatile, but great sounding. B|Amp is warm, super versatile, and about double the price.
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