Melbourne School of Guitar Making OPEN DAY

Maker of handmade contemporary bass guitars (made in Melbourne) and teacher of bass guitar lutherie. Find out about the latest builds here.
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Re: Melbourne School of Guitar Making OPEN DAY

Post by drbass » 16 Apr 2016, 17:29

Great job, David and Rob.

Looks like this is going to be a fantastic place to put one's bass-making dreams into reality. Clean and spacious, more "clubhouse" than "workshop", love it. Looking forward to dropping in in a week or two and start the two new basses.

Great to see Peter, Nick, and Ivan as well. Always interesting to hear about Peter's plans for a new build (which is soo opposite to what I am aiming for) :D .

Anyway, if you have plans to make your own this is the place to go, folks - all you need in one place, and expertise to draw on in spades.

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Re: Melbourne School of Guitar Making OPEN DAY

Post by Classic5 » 16 Apr 2016, 18:03

Well said Michael, the workshop is exceptional. Thanks to David, Rob and Jane for having us over. Jane you make the perfect coffee, and the whole environment is really welcoming and friendly.

I'll have to somehow find time in my crazy schedule to learn a thing or two from you guys :thumbup:
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