Bacchus Universe Jazz - Worth getting?

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Bacchus Universe Jazz - Worth getting?

Post by jamiesdad » 14 Mar 2009, 19:44 ... eries.html

scroll down to the BJB 300

Rosewood board, Lake Placid Blue - $800.

Was kind of keen on the idea of Pink, but cannot have (like Kjung's pink cadillac on TB)

Any experiences on these basses, seems pricey for a Made in PRC bass ... but I have heard good things about Bacchus gear (mainly from $10cat i recall)

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Re: Bacchus Universe Jazz - Worth getting?

Post by benco » 16 Mar 2009, 21:40


I own one, and I love it.

although I remember buying mine for cheaper, probably due to the economy and all that crap. I've never been good at describing the feel and sound of basses, but this is really a great bass from an underrated company. I'm running it through a Line 6 Studio 110, a pissy practice amp, and it still sounds great.

Also played my cousin Rick' (you might've heard of him. he's kind of a big deal around here :rolleyes ) they were both great too.

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Re: Bacchus Universe Jazz - Worth getting?

Post by rusty » 17 Mar 2009, 19:29

I kinda like the BJB5-700!! Nice slim sexy 5 stringer.. Natural ash looks good too!

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Re: Bacchus Universe Jazz - Worth getting?

Post by schec » 18 Mar 2009, 17:13

You can't go wrong with these Bacchus basses. Go for it, I say ;)

Btw, I own a BJB 420 (the one in my pic) :cool:

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