If your buying from ebay USA

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If your buying from ebay USA

Post by brooksi » 01 Mar 2009, 08:00

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Re: If your buying from ebay USA

Post by Phil » 01 Mar 2009, 08:16

This guy happens to be in Sydney, does he have a shop or something?? He's either a scammer or completely clueless. :shrug:

EDIT: by looking at his negative feedback it turns out the parcels arrive from Indonesia not Sydney. So he's definitely a scammer.

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Re: If your buying from ebay USA

Post by Mr_Dave » 01 Mar 2009, 10:34

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Re: If your buying from ebay USA

Post by mkat » 01 Mar 2009, 12:56

There are so many obvious things on that bass that show it's fake. The ebay member is definitely dodgy. Check out the ebay listing payment rule #4 for the attempt to dodge responsibility.

There are many scams in the so called "vintage" market. Not just from sellers selling seemingly old original stock but companies marketing new products as "vintage" is in most cases joke. In many cases, the product is not even close. As much as I dislike saying this,there are so many reasons why it's better to buy from a well known bass assembler that does good "relic" jobs at a good price to avoid being screwed as it's all in the open and you know what you're getting. Unless you can prove the instrument is the real thing, which cannot be done unless you're in the know and without checking all parts of an instrument which goes deeper than just sighting it, it's a big risk.
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Re: If your buying from ebay USA

Post by Aussie Mark » 01 Mar 2009, 20:34


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