Cole Clark Basses - any experience?

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Re: Cole Clark Basses - any experience?

Post by Fenolabass » 19 Oct 2018, 15:08

An update on my CC bass. I really don’t want to write this as I so wanted to support this Aust made bass but I want to relay my experience for others.

So treble and bass pot were replaced as mentioned in post above. Upon getting home new replaced bass pot was faulty - when cutting from mid position it started cutting out and buzzing like a bad connection. So back to dealer again and another new pot was installed.

Something I noticed from day 1 is bass had a lot of static noise when playing it. Not 50hz hum or touching pickup poles but buzz crackles. I ran my meter over the painted shielding and can barely get readings and only in some spots. So I could gut it and shield the bass but why do I need to on somethjng rrp $3k? As it is is unplayable for me.

I have Music Man, Sadowsky, Sandberg, Dender Deluxe active basses all ok so it’s not my rig or home.

So this and a few other quality issues such as the rear control cover, titebond squeeze out my around neck “join” and lack of care to stick “K” on straight make me think these are just not ready yet.

Dealbreaker is the OBP3 pre needs good shielding and doesn’t. So it’s been returned to dealer.

I was willing to work it through to a fix but I’m a few hundred dollars out of pocket getting to and from dealer. Plus dealers look each time I went back as if it was somehow my fault was enough for me.

So that’s my story. I really wish this bass well and may try again down the track.

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Re: Cole Clark Basses - any experience?

Post by bassmaniac69 » 19 Oct 2018, 16:10

Thats a pity to hear mate. Apart from the ergonomic issues I'm having personally with the bass mine is perfect sound wise!

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