Sire basses, anyone have/tried one

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Sire basses, anyone have/tried one

Post by absolutlytonedeaf » 08 Jun 2018, 18:18

Intrigued to know what they are like , build quality looks impressive
or are they another " Electra" of the Sandberg line of basses

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Re: Sire basses, anyone have/tried one

Post by Slapfest62 » 09 Jun 2018, 06:06

I have a sire 5 string (the Marcus miller type).
and it is a good bass , I really like it .
This is the first five string that I've owned , that I really like ,
and I've had music man , Yamaha Nathan east, a vintage style F Bass, and a junky one.
It has a really good B string , best I've heard . . a good solid NOTE, not just farting , as many do .
I try not do too much slapping these days , but the Sire's B string loves it , and sounds good, too.
However, I can tell you that with the fretboard radius being 7.25" and the pickups being flat and the poles not being staggered.
That on a 5 string , this meant that the B and the G strings were WAY too loud in comparison to the rest, for me.
Now they tell me that this is an old , common J bass issue.
I got Delano to make me a set of coustom J pickups with the poles internally stagggered to match the radius
and thats really really good . . . and their pricing was very reasonable
That string to string balance thing may not be much of an issue though ,
if you were looking at a 4 string , and didnt slap at all.
Personally , for me , I like a 19mm string spacing at the bridge, so I put a Hipshot bridge on instead
which was a little tricky to match to the string through holes ,
but thats just my taste
The preamp is good , has a mile of headroom in the tone dept.
although I prefer the sound of it bypassed, in passive mode, but thats just my taste again.
I find , also, that it still sounds great with the strings being older, which my empty wallet is loving.
So yes, I would give them a thumbs up, especially for the price.,
and I would say that I'm fairly fussy about basses.
Hope that helps

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Re: Sire basses, anyone have/tried one

Post by pgpete » 01 Jul 2018, 04:12

I've got the Sire V9 4 string. and I agree with slapfest62.

its a very good bass - the finish is excellent , the Preamp is absolutely fabulous - providing a lot of variation and control.
(although my guitar player mate noted the bass has more knobs on it than the Collingwood football team. )

I would say that if you are looking for a bass that competes with the Made in USA Fender for a fraction of the price then this Bass does it and does it well.

So what don't I like about it? - I dont like the gloss finish on the neck ( I REALLY wish it was satin )

The bass is light and lovely - if you like the fender aesthetic - i can see why people are going nuts over it.

But as I'm not a fender fan, I'm not in love with its design, and the gloss neck is a deal breaker for me. - which is a pity because I took it out of its (well made) gig bag and played it yesterday and it sounded great.

I'll probably move it on because I tried a bass that is the ducks guts - Wenge beats Maple anyday!

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Re: Sire basses, anyone have/tried one

Post by DeadlyErnest » 01 Jul 2018, 08:49

Does fine sandpaper fix the gloss problem?
Will play for food.

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Re: Sire basses, anyone have/tried one

Post by pgpete » 01 Jul 2018, 16:25

possibly...I'm unwilling to try and void the warranty - the binding on the sides of the fretboard complicate the job of sanding. and i CBF.


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Re: Sire basses, anyone have/tried one

Post by drbass » 01 Jul 2018, 16:26

DeadlyErnest wrote:
01 Jul 2018, 08:49
Does fine sandpaper fix the gloss problem?
I would recommend 0000 steel wool. Make sure you cover your pickups.

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Re: Sire basses, anyone have/tried one

Post by petersemple » 01 Jul 2018, 16:43

Or micromesh - no steel pieces to get attracted to the pickups
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