Blind test: MusicMan StingRay 2004 vs Cort GB75JH

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Re: Blind test: MusicMan StingRay 2004 vs Cort GB75JH

Post by DeadlyErnest » 23 Jan 2018, 13:44

slowlearner wrote:
22 Jan 2018, 21:45
Classic5 wrote:
22 Jan 2018, 19:49
Cort are making some pretty decent basses. I haven't posted this on NBD yet.....but I did purchase a brand new Cort recently (not this model though). It was an absolute bargain IMO and a very unique and versatile bass.
Cort have always made decent basses. The best production line ABG you can buy in Aust is a cort. They've made some fantastic neck-through 5 and 6 strings too. For some reason they've got the "scummy asian cheapo" reputation in the marketplace for some time. Despite the fact that lots of Korean and Indonesian guitars with more desirable names (on the headstock) were actually made in cort factories. Think Ibanez for instance. Someone in the industry told me lots of Asian fenders were made by Cort too. ;)

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Re: Blind test: MusicMan StingRay 2004 vs Cort GB75JH

Post by WestOfBen » 24 Jan 2018, 11:55

That was a really interesting comparison. I guessed the Cort was first, but when I heard the Ray I was second guessing - could it really be *that* "stingy" - surely any manufacturer could easily over-compensate on the sting factor when emulating.

But no, the real thing is stingy. Makes me kinda really happy with my Epi Ripper - 2 x Bartolini MMs and Bartolini preamp. With both pickups on or slight neck bias I can achieve the Cort tone, on bridge pickup alone I get really close to the real Ray tone. That's with all controls flat.
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Re: Blind test: MusicMan StingRay 2004 vs Cort GB75JH

Post by brucebruce » 24 Jan 2018, 12:35

Have to agree with the comments praising Cort basses in general... They've always made great, affordable instruments (think Lakland Skyline). Unfortunately the company was marred by - some years ago- by reports of abuse of their employees; wage slavery etc. It's always kind of put me off a little -

Hopefully they have addressed these issues in the last 10 years (but I'm not certain).
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Re: Blind test: MusicMan StingRay 2004 vs Cort GB75JH

Post by slowlearner » 24 Jan 2018, 16:06

Hmmm, that's not cool is it. :(

I guess they're the truths of low cost mass production in many industries.
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Re: Blind test: MusicMan StingRay 2004 vs Cort GB75JH

Post by Curto » 27 Jan 2018, 16:00

1st = Cort (slightly more top end)
2nd = Ray (slightly more low end)
... pickup placement. But both sounded good and very similar. Well done Cort!
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