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Re: Betsy, the Fried Egg Bass

Post by aphekgreg » 31 Dec 2017, 14:10

drbass wrote:
31 Dec 2017, 13:20
aphekgreg wrote:
22 Dec 2017, 13:29
Had time to do some more work today.

The body was from the Warmoth 'In Stock' section, so was routed for two Jazz pickups. (Assuming Warmoth have it right) it's interesting seeing exactly where a P and J pickup sit along the body. The P coil closest to the neck, is much closer to the J position than I realised.
Pretty sure Warmoth have it right - I did some research into pickup positions (d'uh, of course I would, and I'd better be doing it) and was just a little stunned wrt the pickup positions. Jazz neck and a reverse P, particularly when leaving the bass side where it's supposed to be and "flipping" the treble side, are basically in the same position.

What amazed me even more was the humbucker position. On a Sting it looks VERY close to the bridge but it's an optical illusion thanks to the massive bridge on a sting. In reality it's a lot further away.

Happy New Year, everyone - off to Murchison East to play a NYE gig at "The East".

For a split second I thought you said you were off to Musicman........

Yes, the MM sweet spot is quite a distance from the bridge. Not as far as a Ric bridge pickup though, which is basically where the treble coil of a P pickup is!!

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