International Rosewood

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Re: International Rosewood

Post by hamo » 19 Apr 2018, 10:41

veebass wrote:
28 Jul 2017, 20:23
Che wrote:
27 Jul 2017, 07:56
Hi, looking at getting a Fender AVRI 63 P shipped in though it has a rosewood slab, would I need a cite to get this through?
Avoid any issue and get a 57 RI. :lol:
Or my 58 American Vintage Reissue in the classifieds :cool: :lol: :lol:
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Re: International Rosewood

Post by veebass » 19 Apr 2018, 10:42

Aussie Mark wrote:
19 Apr 2018, 10:10
Any recent experiences with any of you buying a bass with a rosewood board from overseas on eBay/Reverb etc - specifically from Japan. Used bass, rosewood board.

Are the Japanese sellers across this requirement? If they don't attach a CITES certificate does the package get confiscated by Oz customs and you lose your money? Or is that valid grounds to lodge a Paypal dispute against the seller?
Not quite.

I was very nervous about my Epi Vintage Pro TBird (purchased new from Japan), which sailed through without a certificate or customs question AFAIK.

The worry was that the Epi site says the fretboard is rosewood, even though I understand it isn't.
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Re: International Rosewood

Post by Paisley » 19 Apr 2018, 11:27

I got stung with an Irish Bouzouki a few months back. Bought it off eBay UK & was careful to make sure there was no Rosewood in it; however I didn't realize they'd added African Blackwood to the CITES list, which the Bouzouki did have for it's bridge/fretboard. There was no correspondence about the issue whatsoever; I simply got an email one morning saying the transaction was cancelled & money was refunded!
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Re: International Rosewood

Post by slowlearner » 11 Jul 2018, 12:33

Ok, so I might be dredging up a zombie thread here...

planning a trip to the US. Have my eyes on something. Guitar Center are telling me it's up to me me to obtain the cite even though they'd sell me the guitar. Do I need a cite if I'm carrying back in to Australia? How would I get a cite out of the seller/manufacturer?
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