F/S AKG C414 TLII Microphone $1200 SOLD

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F/S AKG C414 TLII Microphone $1200 SOLD

Post by alkinda » 31 Jan 2017, 06:38

For Sale my AKG C414 TLII mic.
Has been sitting unused for at least 7 years. Time to sell it. It's a mic that is rarely up for sale as every engineer holds on to a mic like this that is discontinued.

The star screw is missing although any mic clip will do or even better, mic suspension.
The pop filter is also perished, not that it takes away from the mic.

Sale price: $1200 dropped from $1500

[URL=http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/ ... .jpg[/img][/url]
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Re: F/S AKG C414 TLII Microphone $1400 neg

Post by noplanb » 01 Feb 2017, 19:13

Then in the '90s there was the TLII B-ULS... a bit more common. On the original boxes / cases though, at least some of them, it just says "C414B-TLII" and not "B-ULS" (I know this to be true since I had bought two of these brand new back in the day and still have the original packaging). Also, on the mics themselves, it says "TLII" only, on the front side, and says "C414 B-ULS" only, on the rear side. So you need to be careful.

Having heard / used the '90s TLII B-ULS, the '90s B-ULS and an XLS, my opinion is that the TLII B-ULS is the most universal and best performer. I actually ditched a pair of new XLSs and a pair of mint, vintage B-ULSs and have kept four TLII B-ULSs... these are the only 414s I own now and they're here to stay.

In sum, the '90s B-ULSs have a bit too much transformer sound for me. They're a bit noisy and yield an overall soft-ish, slightly cloudy, colored sound. Some folks may specifically LOVE this coloration (sometimes known as "mojo"), I could see it working really well on some vocals, maybe even on a super bright acoustic guitar etc, but to me they were too colored for all-purpose use.... plus I don't often record vocals and am often not specifically looking for "mojo".

The XLSs... huge disappointment for me... bought them brand new without prior auditioning, huge mistake, took a bit hit on them. Just way too bright and sharp. Very unpleasant top-end. I like mics that are fairly natural sounding without any excessively weird hype etc... to me these were just over the top with the high-end... not just the amount but really the type and the shape. A buddy of mine tracked vocals for an album with one and I remember the incredible fight we had mixing those vocals. It was impossible later to get those vocals sounding good, in my opinion. The high-end yuckiness of the mic could not be removed, regardless of surgical carving, frequency tuned compression, etc. Once a mic imparts its "footprint" on something, it's on there... forever. This mic may work well for other folks, seems that other people do like them, but you know how it is, YMMV.

The TLII B-ULS.... it doesn't have the transformer "dirtiness" of the B-ULS, it's cleaner and more detailed. As well, while it does have a bit of an upper-mid presence, the upper end is a million times better than the XLS. It's more natural and way more usable. Great, all-purpose workhorse mic, especially for the $$$. That's why I still keep four of them on hand, even alongside more expensive Neumanns. You can still find these used, often times in decent condition.

In my opinion, the TLII B-ULS was the last "good" 414 ever made by AKG. Not sure why things went downhill from there...
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