Awesome Bass Preamp TUBE +REcording Duties

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Awesome Bass Preamp TUBE +REcording Duties

Post by TAL » 28 Sep 2019, 18:16

Early Premium English Made Tube 4 x Channel Preamps with DI

Tony Larking started TLA in the 1990’s and with his knowledge he gained from extensive Servicing of Neve and Trident Desks in Britain, he developed his own boutique range of Preamps.
The PA1, PA2 preamps and his C1 Compressor was his final recreations before they were dumbed down and went to Chinese production. And thus went the reputation of TLA for quite some time.

These units run, a tried true method of solid state front end with tubes running the critical output stage. The valves run at a full load of 250volts so they are not the starved plate design of other cheaper units.

So here we have in total 2 x units with a combined 4 x Channels of Valve preamps.
The bottom unit has upgraded USA made 12AX7 tubes.
These units work well for a maximum of 60db of gain.
They have different switching if you want to use the DI for Guitars or Keyboards.
These units were staple units for Bass players.
Many top artists & Studios including Coldplay, Sting, Blur, Pavarotti & Abbey Road Studios are still using his equipment.
Channel 1 on both units have a scratchy pot so it would benefit from a good clean. So I am going to sell these cheaper for that reason.
I am going to let these go for $750 each or you can buy both of them for $1350.
Thats 4 x channels of British made Tube preamps.
Located in Brisbane but easy to ship.

Image3 by BEANAT19, on Flickr
Image1.5 by BEANAT19, on Flickr
Image4 by BEANAT19, on Flickr

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