Questions 4,5 and 6 -What do bass players really want...

Boutique bass guitar effects pedals that require no battery or power supply. Includes multi-channel boosters and drivers in a compact, aluminium casing with D.I. output.
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Re: Questions 4,5 and 6 -What do bass players really want...

Post by johnnyrico » 18 Nov 2011, 06:30

Sure I'll put in my thoughts.

I think alot of the market is branding and marketing. One one hand what we have to work with is our history, alot of us have seen and worked with alot of cheap import gear over the years, basses and electronics that have failed us where as the more expensive american/UK Counterparts have stayed true and been reliable as ever.

However, I feel that this notion is changing, the gap is closing, import gear's (if we want to call it that) quality has skyrocketed in the last decade. The most steadfast example that comes to mind has to be the Chinese Squire series that have been doing very well in the market (Classic vibe & Vintage modified). Unbelievable value for money and serves as a great platform for beginners to learn on or for pros on a budget and anywhere inbetween.

As for the spector and warwick stuff, its been done before, we had the original idea of rockbasses for awhile now as well as the cheaper spector stuff. And they were garbage (this is IMO guys). And I feel that alot of players were burned by this/turned off the notion. Both companies have learnt their lesson and stepped up their game, the new cheaper Rockbasses look and feel fantastic and the jury is still out on the new budget Spector Line

But I'm getting slightly off topic with basses, when it comes to pedals the game changes slightly. I find that basses are so much more personal, you need to know how your bass plays and performs, its limits and disadvantages. This doesnt, at least to me, come across with pedals. They serve such a binary function, on and off - and if the import gear does the same funciton as well as the more expensive counterparts then who is to complain?

Those original topics still come back around tho, i need my pedals to be reliable, to do the function that is expected of them, and damnit they need to be quiet.

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Re: Questions 4,5 and 6 -What do bass players really want...

Post by spencerbasssman » 15 Dec 2011, 12:48

I really have to agree with david1234. I have had a similar experience with the whole Squire/Fender thing, having a Squire Tele which is a fantastic guitar and plays a lot better than some Fenders I've used, but of course is cheap as chips. So for me I'm very much the same approach, not only to pedals but everything gear related: See what you’re missing out on with the more expensive stuff, and if there isn't really a difference then I don't see a problem in going for the cheaper price. Besides, with some products you're really only paying for name badge that goes on it. I have a hand built Les Paul copy that we made here at home, and with the features that it has and the great way that it plays, if it was a true Gibson, it was cost ten-fold what we paid to make it. And it also just goes to show how the cheaper markets have raised their quality levels to the point where they too can also make gear that is just as good quality as anything expensive, because of the fact that the better quality parts are now much easier to obtain and manufacture, as well as better building processes that rival those of the bigger named companies. So it basically just proves my point, money doesn't always buy you happiness, and I think it's foolish if that is how you approach it.
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Re: Questions 4,5 and 6 -What do bass players really want...

Post by Phatbass » 15 Dec 2011, 13:05

I happen to prefer a Boss size enclosure where it's practical i.e. only one footswitch. I don't mind small controls as usually I "set and forget" for stage use anyway. On the other hand if anything has 2 or 3 switches it needs to be sensibly big enough for my hoof to clear the other switches while hitting the one I want.

I'd much rather pay a few extra bucks for decent build quality and good heavy-duty parts. When I'm playing live, although I try not to be abusive, I don't use delicate little fairy-taps while wearing ballet slippers - I stomp on the mother*****r!!!

For selecting different channels, 3 switches is the only way to go for professional live stage use.

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Re: Questions 4,5 and 6 -What do bass players really want...

Post by jpr_musicman » 15 Dec 2011, 17:38

Just my tuppence (and excuse any ignorance on my part, not normally a pedal user, but passive from cave are making me think seriously), but:

-Is a small pedal really required? (The smaller the case, the smaller the knobs, the harder it is to see/control)

Yes, for me it's gotta fit in the bass case, portability is paramount, or it just won't get used. Small controls (as others have said) are fine, due to the 'set and forget' mentality, to which I subscribe. With that in mind stiffer rotary controls or a cover a plus to avoid accidental adjustment in use or storage.

-Which is more important, high priced quality or cheap and cheerful? (Plastic, made in China and cheap OR heavy duty, made in America/UK/Australia/Europe but more expensive)

I am always happy to spend a little more for a good quality product if I'm sure it does exactly what I want, this is where I am sticking on cave pedals at the moment.

-If a tripple channel pedal is being used, would you prefer three separate foot switches (one for each channel) OR one foot switch which operates all three (press once for channel one, twice for channel two and three times for third channel)?

Separate, my only recent experience was with a digital pedal, and I was forever tapping away, nightmare. Simple is better


btw, thanks to all you forum guys, this site has been invaluable in researching cave.
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