Cave Passive Bass Guitars

Boutique bass guitar effects pedals that require no battery or power supply. Includes multi-channel boosters and drivers in a compact, aluminium casing with D.I. output.
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Cave Passive Pedals
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Cave Passive Bass Guitars

Post by Cave Passive Pedals » 28 Nov 2014, 14:41

So, here's a CRAZY idea...

Obviously, many players will have noticed that Cave pedals work with certain basses/pickups and not so well with others... yes? So, putting the correct bass pickups and effects together in one bass guitar... is it a good, or bad, idea?

I've been lucky in my professional music career, not only to have been involved with some great musicians, but also to have been a guitar technician and luthier. I have to admit, my designs all those years ago, were a bit "off the cuff" and didn't sell well. I believe I made the slimmest guitar neck ever designed, which played ok but didn't feel that good; necks, so it would appear, need meat! (No need to comment!) :)

If I do decide to go ahead with this idea, please keep in mind that these basses will be mass produced at my new workshop, not to the super-duper quality that Phil's creating, but at least to Fender standards.

So, those with sensible comments, please comment.

*What would you expect a Cave bass to look like?

*What price range?

*What Cave effects would you expect to see on board?

Any other ideas...?


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Re: Cave Passive Bass Guitars

Post by petersemple » 28 Nov 2014, 22:20

I think a Cave bass would be classic, but different. I am thinking a Gretch-y flavour to it more than a standard Fender clone. quirky, a bit old school
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Re: Cave Passive Bass Guitars

Post by PilbaraBass » 29 Nov 2014, 07:55

I think that a spin on classic should be the approach... and yes, I agree that there are too many Fender-clones out there... Gretsch would be cool or even along the lines of the old-school Yamaha musician design...

Effects on board, well these should be options... but you should offer the grunt (of COURSE) and the tubey compressor thing you do... and that new drive circuit... any combinations of these...

Price range... well, considering the economy, I think you're going to have to strive to get your base model in at near the $1.5K mark and putting the effects in should not bring it more (or much more) than $2K.

But ultimately the design will need to be right to sell... case and point... those Lace basses didn't sell very well at all...I think they dropped the idea.
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Re: Cave Passive Bass Guitars

Post by BazzBass » 15 Jan 2015, 13:57

maybe a bass that is no longer made, at least not at an affordable pricepoint.

I'd go for a Les Paul bodied bass for sure, in Cherryburst!
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Re: Cave Passive Bass Guitars

Post by weemac » 15 Jan 2015, 14:26


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Re: Cave Passive Bass Guitars

Post by maxgroover » 15 Jan 2015, 14:58

I think an unfinished aluminium body would fit the Cave brand, as would a flying V shape given the way the the 'V' in Cave is featured in your logo:

Image Image
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