Tour of duty thread: Cave Passive Pedals INDUCTION DRIVE

Boutique bass guitar effects pedals that require no battery or power supply. Includes multi-channel boosters and drivers in a compact, aluminium casing with D.I. output.
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Re: Tour of duty thread: Cave Passive Pedals INDUCTION DRIVE

Post by jpr_musicman » 27 Jun 2015, 03:34

Here it is :roll: tapatalk is really weird sometimes...

Another great and effective pedal from Cave. The Induction drive produces some very warm and friendly sounds. I know that may seems like a strange term to use to describe the tones from a bass pedal, but I naturally see it as a relation of the Grunt series (although it’s not really, maybe a distant cousin) and in comparison to the overdrive from these pedals, the Induction drive feels like Sully (monsters inc.), friendly, but given the right situation had got some ferocity behind it.

I tested the pedal with my Fender PJ Jazz. Nothing flashy about it, some custom wiring and aftermarket pickups but for this purpose it behaves like a standard passive PJ. Let’s start with the basics, 3 controls, Bass, Treble, Volume.

Volume: I found that, like the grunt series, in order to achieve unity gain in most settings, I needed the volume at around 75%, of cause the pedal is far from transparent with the tone controls flat, so this is all relative to what you put into it. If you’re looking for a transparent boost, this is not it. That said, there is a nice amount of boost to be had here. One thing I love about the Cave pedals boosting is that they are not gonna blow your head off or damage your kit, their natural compression (which I found present in the ID) make for a very musical boost, not suitable for a solo, but great for beefing up the low end in the chorus.

Treble: when you engage the ID, your tone changes, losing a fair bit of top end and mid highs, don’t try and get a modern slap sound out of this. The treble control serves to either further cut (leaving a nice round, cleanish sound), or replace some of those lost frequencies (seems to me in the mid-high range you don’t really regain the finger and fret noise). Personally I find the high sounds of bass sometimes unruly; it’s nice to be able to refine them.

Bass: this is where things really get interesting, and where the boost of this pedal really comes into play. P pickup engaged, with a standard passive low pass on the instrument, kick up the bass control and it warms up your tone nicely. Turn up the treble control to make the drive a little more pronounced and you’ve got a great rock tone. For those heavy moments when you want to support the guitar solo (especially good in 1 guitar bands), open up the bass’s tone to really hear the strings, although not harshly, as well as the heavy Induction Drive tone.

Here’s an awesome addition for sub shaking bass. If you place the ID after a sub octave pedal (I use the EBS octabass), with the bass on the pedal turned up you are in for a great time. The ID really excels at rounding out those lower frequencies. The more LF you put in, the better she will react. The EBS can be rather harsh and really pushes the preamp of the amp, but somehow, the ID rounds out the frequencies and boosts while the compression helps to prevent your preamp from clipping. I discovered this by accident. I advise caution on the levels here, or a sound system with great subs.

I found the main use for this pedal was supporting the builds in the music, although to compete with the band I generally had everything maxed out as with a lot of higher end cut, it doesn’t always cut through the mix very well. Whilst the sound isn’t the most articulate, the bass is most definitely heard, most suited to fundamental bass playing rather that intricate lines and parts, where the reduced definition can leave things a bit muddy. The ID played nicest directly from the passive traditional pickup arrangement, not so friendly with my fake Humbucker mode (parallel pickups) nor after the compressor pedal or other pedals really, with the exception of the octave which I think has to be my favorite, if a little dangerous. Oh, a little note of the Drive, the more high-end (open tone controls and Treble on the pedal) you put into this, the clearer the drive will be, but what it always gives is a lovely warm grit, warmer than the grunt pedals.

A small comment on the design, looks awesome, as you have all seen, but as light is let into the case, I had a bit of trouble reading the indicator, as could see it most of the time. I would stick with closed cases.

In summary, not for solos (not enough definition, and too much attenuation up the neck) but a fantastic pedal for beefing up fundamental playing, and it looks after your amp with the natural compression. I enjoyed having it on my board, and as it’s passive and true bypass, where’s the harm [WHITE SMILING FACE] sending the ID back finally, it’s travelled far too long and needs to get back to the rightful owner. I’ll miss it tho.

James Russell
James Russell
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