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Threads to lend a hand to the working bass player
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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Francesco » 13 Aug 2012, 11:59

Francesco - 0410589753
Sydney CBD, Inner city
Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Blues, Country, Punk, Fusion, etc.
I can sight read almost every sheets, chords or tabs (also write
if necessary)
I've 4yrs of live and studio experience and also played in two of the most famous nightclubs in Italy:
NumberOne, worked in the most exclusive Nightclub in Capri playing for the
famous songwriter Peppino di Capri.
Taverna Anema&Core, played in the most famous "Taverna" in the world with international
guests like: Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Tony Renis, Paul Young,
Craig David, Skin (Skunk Anansie) and many others;

Fender Jaguar Made in Japan
MesaBoogie Walkabout 400+ Head, still looking for a 1x15" or 4x10" cabinet Markbass or Ampeg maybe
FX: Digitech BNX3, Ehx Nano BassBall, Ehx BigMuff, Akai HeadRush E2, Fulltone BassDrive, Crybaby Wah 105q

Fully available from Now! :)

Cheers Francesco

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Jason » 15 Aug 2012, 21:34

Jason 0407407308
80s and 90s rock preferred but will have a go at any style.
Have played in a rock Tribute band this year.
Ibanez 5 string with Fender Rumble 350 amp
Zoom B3 effects unit
Backup vocals


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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Paisley » 11 Sep 2012, 23:32

Dash; 0432586358
Styles: Rock, Pop, World, Latin, Surf, Folk, Jazz - have played most styles over the years & happy to tackle just about anything (although well into mid-life, so might look a bit odd in a Death Metal environment...)
Experience: 35+ years experience playing & recording; mainly as a Bassist, but also on Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboards & Woodwind. Also worked in Production & Recording; owned/operated a Recording Facility for 10 years.
Basses: Spector; Musicman; Vintage Fenders; High end Yamahas: Vintage Ibanez; Alembic; Jerry Jones; Danelectro; Rickenbacker; DeArmond Ashbory
Amps: Ashdown ABM900 Head; Eden Traveller 550 Head; Ampeg B-15; Lab Systems 250B Combo; Acoustic 320 Head.
Bergantino Cabs
Effects: Mainly just Compression; others if needed (Octave, Chorus, OD, Filter, ect).
Vocals: Backing Vox

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Singer: What's up??
Bassist: F*****g Drummer detuned one of my strings!
Singer: Well, what's wrong with that?
Bassist: He won't tell me which one it is.....

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by jvb » 06 Oct 2012, 14:16

John 0403 314 671
Blues, R&B, retro covers, Real Book jazz
Gigging 40 years Gtr, 7 yrs Bass
Fender PJ, MarkBass/Aguilar or Carvin
No effects
Backup vocals, some lead mainly blues/R&B

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by tfaduh » 27 Dec 2012, 17:56

First name & mobile number - Chai Lee. 0402688389
Geographical area covered - Perth
Main style(s) played - Blues, Pop, Rock, Top40s, 50/60s.
Experience - 10 years in cover bands
Main bass & amp - Sadowsky Metro P/J, Modulus VJ Genesis / Genz Benz
Effects: yes/no - Yes
Vocals: yes/no - Yes

Available for Fill in

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Paisley » 16 Mar 2013, 17:03

Just a quick update on my details (three posts previous to this one): I've now relocated to Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs), & keen to blow out some cobwebs!

Cheers all,

Singer: What's up??
Bassist: F*****g Drummer detuned one of my strings!
Singer: Well, what's wrong with that?
Bassist: He won't tell me which one it is.....

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by gfish001 » 18 Mar 2013, 16:51

Graeme. 0413384484
Victoria, Interstate if the price is right.
Covers, anything from 60's till next week.
25 yrs experience in constantly working covers/ corporate bands
MM SR 4 & 5, Fender jazz, Fender P. All Hartke LH500, 410XL & 4.5XL
Bassballs, Boss Bass chorus, Eden WTDI, EHX Qtron, Bass Big muff, EBS Octabass.
Backing vocals.

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Location: Blue Mountains, Sydney, NSW

Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by addyboddo » 18 Apr 2013, 20:10

Name & number: Adam Bodkin (aka Boddo) 0438011777
Area: Sydney, Blue Mountains and surrounds. Willing to travel.
Style played: Anything, as long as there's music written out for it (manuscript or chord charts. I'll transcribe charts if really necessary). I'm an ok lugger, but I can sightread just about any part you give me.
Experience: 28 years playing. Studied Classical and Jazz. Played in professional military band, now freelancing in all sorts of styles (see bio).
Main bass & amp: Varies depending on gig! Gear I use are is my signature, but include upright & electric.
Effects: Not really, except for some compression and preamps to get a good sound. Have distortion, delays etc (if needed)
Vocals: No way!
*Stingray Classic 4, Fender J Deluxe 5 (2000), Fender J 4 (2008), Tony Franklin Fender P Bass (2009)
*Hofner carved 3/4 (circa 1960), Cremonasia Ruggieri copy carved 7/8 (2001)
*Acoustic Image Coda Ten, Hiwatt DR405, Aguilar DB410 cab.

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by basstard » 19 Apr 2013, 11:40

Tim Laird
Brisbane - 0409 618 426 - age 32
Funk, reggae, roots, rock, blues, soul
Playing stringed instruments since a youngin'.
Gear: MM Stingray, P bass, J bass, Traynor (all tube), Ampeg, Aguilar, Berg and Orange cabs, effects if required.
Backing vocals.
Fender : G&L : Traynor : Ampeg : Bergantino : Aguilar

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by TangoBass » 28 Apr 2013, 05:39

cant be a bad thing......

Tango 0432 176716

Based on Gold Coast but will travel for right gig.
Any style from Basic rock covers to hardcore fusion....and everything in the middle!!!
Main bass: Warwick 5 String Corvette
amp : Hartke 7000 head powering 2 ....4x10 Hatke XL Cabs 4.5 tweeter
Effects: Many weird and wonderful toys
Vocals: anything from Lead to BV's. (1st tenor)whatever is required

Cheers.... Tango

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Heath » 12 May 2013, 17:06

Heath wrote:Heath - 0459 999 877
Newcastle - 2-3 hour radius
9 years
Fender P, Yamaha BB425x, SGC Nanyo Bass Collection, Ibanez ATK, Tanglewood Acoustic
Effects: Aguilar Compressor, MXR Bass Octave, MXR Envelope Filter
Vocals: Limited
Cole Clarke LL5, Yamaha 425x, Fender CS 57P+Geddy Lee, Sandberg Ida, Spector Euro 4LX, Belman Custom 5
Amps: Markbass, Thunderfunk, Phil Jones

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by TankengineLorenz » 22 Dec 2013, 21:03

Hey guys

Anthony Lorenz 0409773377

Can play and get to Anywhere In Macarthur Region, basically western Sydney

Usually get pinned as pop in my style, can work into other genres as long as there is music for the most part..Can follow chord charts and sight read at a substantial level.

Been in orchestras and bands since year 6. Am classically trained on double bass reaching 8th grade, so have good understanding of music, sight reading and chart reading. Years in school bands and school chapel band following chord charts every day.

Ibanez SR600 with eden 4x10, have two, can stack to a 8x10 depending on gig.
Effects: dbx stereo compressor, run chain through both channels.
Vocals: Unfortunately not.

Cheers guys :)
A Compressed Bass Is A Good Bass.

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billybass Substitute Registered

Post by billybass » 28 Sep 2014, 15:38

0409 598 315
Bill Crossland
I'm in Sydney
I play most popular music, have played blues, rock, Reggae, old school RnB Motown/soul music, funky stuff, jazzy stuff, country.
Some of the people I have played for:
Mal Eastic Band, Mic on Wheels (X Factor contestant,) Finn, Jr and The Jeweltones, Merilyn Steel Band, Janet Levi's Good Intentions, Normie Rowe, Bridie King and The Boogie Kings, The 2120's, Kevin Borich Express, Motown Explosion, The Party Pigs, The Fabulous Badwigs ...
I have lots of electric basses, an acoustic fretless bass, amps, bass cabs, I try to take the appropriate gear for the gig.
I can read a chord chart, I can write a chord chart.
Cheers Billy

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by rigidy » 19 Dec 2014, 22:51

Rigidy Rourke
Melbourne (but willing to travel anywhere if costs are covered)
All styles
Completed study at Boxhill institute. Lots of live and recording experience.
Vocals: yes

Was also a drummer for many years.
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Rigidy Rourke & The Love Dogs (Groove/Funk)

Overproof Groove (Metal)

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by M0ZART » 19 Jan 2016, 07:22

Mal - 0431310560
Brisbane/Sunshine Coast area... will travel...
Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Country, Tributes, etc...
Eden WT800 plus Eden Cab/s, Custom 5 string,
Experienced in Original bands, Covers/Concepts/Tributes - about 15 plus years now...
Effects - I generally prefer my Bass Tones to be relatively dry, but Compression is always a plus...
Vocals - sure, if I know the song/s!

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