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Threads to lend a hand to the working bass player
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A quasi bassist is available

Post by garyk » 18 Jun 2011, 20:07

Being very old, I mainly play the older stuff :crazy: blues and rock.

My main skill is 6 string, but I've also played bass for 25 years ...
Good gear: various basses, (incl fretless), reasonable amp.

Very good groove, and enjoy tight rhythm section.

I tend not to play "note for note", and enjoy some improv.
Available for .... um ... :shrug:

Prefer easy going and personable bands.
Can do duo, etc.


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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by LimeB » 18 Jun 2011, 23:04

Mod edit: no discussion in this thread please, just your details.


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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by rodl2005 » 19 Jun 2011, 15:58

Available for most kinds of music, save 200BPM type fusion Jazz ;-)
Chart read-good
Gear -good
Playing live, in bands since about 1980 ....... me bass you LONG time!
TASMANIA based. Will travel for the right thang!
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Mean & Surly

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by leftieray » 13 Jul 2011, 16:02

Blues, funk,60's rock
East Victoria Melbourne
I also have a regular Drummer
RWG Heritage 55 fender jazz
Lab system 300
Effects none
No vocals
Regenerate Guitar Works 55 tribute.G&L L2000. Fender Jazz MIM. Vantage VS600B. Ibanez SDGR. Ibanez eb3 70's. Frankenfender Pbass. Danelectro DC
all lefties

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by danb81 » 14 Aug 2011, 08:29

Daniel Bruce - 0403 556 541
Area - Sydney and surrounds (willing to travel to Wollongong/Newcastle)
Style(s) played - Jazz, funk/R&B, rock, covers and chart reading. I like to think I'm versatile so I'll put my hand to any style if given the opportunity.
Experience - 15yrs, BMus. Rock bands, music theatre, covers bands & jazz big band.
Basses - Fender V 24, Satus 6 string and Double Bass.
Amps - Labsystems VP600HP, Gallien Kreuger MB2, Epifani UL210 and Labsystems 115.
Effects - Yes
Vocals - BV's if desperate.

Own transport.
Fender USA '05 Precision, Fender MIJ '75 RI Jazz, Fender V 24, Warwick Pro Series Star Bass, Aguilar DB751, Bergantino CN410

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by billybass » 10 Sep 2011, 01:37

Bill Crossland 0409 598 315
Sydney, Wiley Park
Blues: Chicago, Jump, Swing, Boogie Woogie, Jazz, West Coast, Rock,
Old School: Soul, R&B, Rock and Roll, Funk, Motown, Groove
Pop: 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's ect.
Jazz: Real Books, can read chord charts
Show Bands: Eurythmics, Cindy Lauper, Rod Stewart, Motown
Experience: 25 years playing in Blues Bands, Show Bands, Covers, Originals, Pop, Rock, Recording
Basses: Fender Precision and Jazz Basses, 6 String Jeff Malia and Scott Wise Custom Basses, Cort 5 String Bass, Cort Masterpiece series Jazz Bass, Yamaha and Tune Fretless Bass
Amps and Speaker Cabinets: Sadowsky, Markbass, Ampeg, Acme, Aguilar
Effects: none most of the time, but occasionally Tube screamer and Octaver
Sing: Harmony Vocals

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by braiden » 08 Dec 2011, 20:43

Name: Braiden
Mobile: 0409 527 821
Geographical area covered: VIC. I live in Ballarat so anything in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, etc
Main style(s) played: I'll play anything really, but I mostly play covers, pop, and rock
Experience: 10 years playing. Cover bands, session work for pop duos, rock original bands
Main bass & amp: 2011 MIA Fender Deluxe Jazz V, Ampeg SVT3-Pro, Ampeg SVT 410HLF
Effects: If required (OC2, Big Muff, DD20)
Vocals: Yes
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'72 Rickenbacker 4001 | MIJ Fender Precision | Ampeg SVT

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by terry » 08 Dec 2011, 21:23

Name:Terry Romanio
Mobile: 0433809549
Geographical area covered: Sydney
Main style(s) played: Gospel, Neo Soul, RnB, Funk, Pop, Bossa (samba and some sort) Reggae.. I'm known as the slap guy, but truthfully I play in a brazilian band and I slap only about 10% of the time.. I can samba pretty hard ;)

Experience: 4 years playing
Vocals: Yes

Available for church & studio work only.

Low End Jazz 5 - EBS Reidmar 250 - MarkBass RJ15

Bass Lesson Enquiries: roma.terry@gmail.com

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Sydneybass » 28 Dec 2011, 14:35

Dean Podkrajac from europe now in sydney
6st string yamaha bassist...hard rock and metal..
power, symphonic, progressive metal
i am not pro bass player !!!

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by pierre0 » 07 Jan 2012, 19:46

pierre {Moloney}: 0407 414 284
Sydney:-Inner West but travel anywhere-by arrangement
Any style but Metal/Grunge; read chords & notated parts & lug. 35 yrs experience live & recording
Stingray 5 {Funk/O-style R&B/Blues/Pop} & Tivoli EUB 5 {for swing/rockabilly/country/folk}
Eden WTX216 & Epifani UL112 or Nemesis 200c
Zoom Fx {if pressed}
Happy to sing Bv's/Lead - baritone :cool:
Basses:Tivoli EUB 5, Musicman Stingray 5, pre-L Precision 4, Amps:Eden WTX260, Epiphani 112c, Nemesis 200NC, Fx:ZoomB2.1u

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Antman » 27 Jan 2012, 15:02

Hi there

First name & mobile number - Anton 0417370557
Geographical area covered - Melbourne
Main style(s) played - Blues, Pop, Rock,
Experience - 20 years in cover bands
Main bass & amp - Ibanez SRXXV / Ampeg SVT3 Pro, 610HLF
Effects: yes/no - No
Vocals: yes/no - Yes backing, some lead

Available for Fill in or permanent
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Rickenbacker 4003 Fireglo, Ampeg SVT-3 Pro/HLF610 cab, Korg DTR 1000 tuner, Sennheiser Freeport Wireless

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by diablous77 » 16 May 2012, 11:23

This is clever idea - well done.
First name - Joe (34 y.o.)
Mobile number - 0419 325 554
Geographical area covered - Melbourne & Outskirts
Main style(s) played - Pop & Rock Covers
Experience - 15 years in cover bands
Main bass & amp - P-bass & Stingray 5 + Sunn 300T + Ampeg 410 HLF
Effects: yes - MulitiFX covers most effects
Vocals: yes BV's
JF - '83 PBass + ESP Jazz + Eden WT330 + (2) Eden D210 XST

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by mcrawfordmusic » 24 May 2012, 21:41

First name & mobile number: Matt 0488 185 088
Geographical area covered: Wollongong, Illawarra Region, Sydney.
Main style(s) played: Blues, R&B, Funk, Rock, Reggae
Experience: 8+ years experience.
Gear: Fender P & Jag, Yamaha 5 string. Aguilar AG500, TH350, Bergantino AE210, HD210
Effects: Yes
Vocals: Yes, Backing only.
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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by jbassmanben » 24 Jun 2012, 22:05

Jamie 0451796932
Sydney and Surrounds
Oz Rock, Covers, Blues, Latin Jazz, Reggae, Some Funk, Soul,
Experienced Chart read, Able to fill in and get the job done, Plenty gigging exp.
Ibanez RB924(Mark Egan), Aria SB1000, Fernandez Precision, Acoustic 450, EV115TL, (Can supply PA if reqd)
Play Mostly Dry
Bak Vox
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Bob Green (Ex Zarsoffs) Duo - Bass |Frieda's Boss - Guitar

Main Bass Fernandez JV Precision
Main Amp Acoustic 450 (Vintage) EV115 TL

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Wazz » 01 Jul 2012, 23:04

Great Idea :)

Warren (Waz), from Sydney Ph 0405 379 345
Been playing pro bass in covers bands off & on for 30 years (age 47)
Plays: Fender Jazz 4 w/Sadowsky pre & p/up's + Sadowsky 5 string
GK amp + SWR Goliath 410 cab
Effects: Octaver, Chorus
Can play rock, RnB, blues, funk, disco, jazz, latin, reggae, all styles, finger/slap/pick
Vocals: BV's

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