Can I play bars if I'm under 18?

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Can I play bars if I'm under 18?

Post by Veldar » 28 Mar 2015, 16:19

Hey guys, a local(ish) death metal band is looking for a bassist I've been figuring out their songs by ear and so far it's coming along nicely. There is one little problem however I'm under 18 until September metal being the small scene it is has a lot of 18+ shows, I've got friends that played in places that were 18+ but I was wondering if any one had some experience doing it.

Cheers, Sam.
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Re: Can I play bars if I'm under 18?

Post by tearalong » 28 Mar 2015, 16:23

Depends on the venue. Lots will allow it if you have parent etc along.

Some places legally can't allow it if the area that the band is in can even see the pokies or tab area.
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Re: Can I play bars if I'm under 18?

Post by BazzBass » 28 Mar 2015, 18:56

I managed bands with under-age musicians. If you look old enough, don't say anything. I didn't tell you that hehe

Funny thing is in one of those bands, their 18 year old looked 16 and ALWAYS had to show his ID whilst the 16 year old walked in unchallenged haha, bouncers.......
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Re: Can I play bars if I'm under 18?

Post by BassLine » 28 Mar 2015, 20:56

I was 15 and doing gigs in pubs..... but that was eons ago. :P
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Re: Can I play bars if I'm under 18?

Post by wilbur88 » 29 Mar 2015, 00:33

I believe that if you have a guardian no problem.
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Re: Can I play bars if I'm under 18?

Post by consecutive e » 29 Mar 2015, 10:30

(3) A minor does not commit an offence under subsection (1) (a) if the minor:

(b) is performing in a show or other live entertainment performance held in the bar area,

From the NSW Liquor Act, 2007.

So you're fine. Maybe print the act out so you can show it to security guards. My experience in pubs playing underage was that hardly any of them know the laws and will do their best to throw you out.

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