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Post by onehandclapping » 07 Jun 2018, 10:23

quite a few old knobs P and J they would be min 20 years old, up 50 ,the old jazz 60s ones are on ebay for 90 USD each ,just clearing stuff out,Does 50 dollars inc delivey for a pair sound ok or just make an offer,no idea how to tell one year from the other,not my thing.Can take a picture and send to your email and tell me which one you want.Old L series strat machine heads here for any guitar players lurking :)
ps would also be some early 60s jazzmaster/jag bridges laying around as well,any fair price is ok,not really bothered
original 1957 precision bridge plate,NB plate only no saddles,this is VERY rare, suitable 1957, 58 ,59,has a sharp edge only available those years doubt you will find another anywhere $200 delivered.
Fender p or j bridge(base is new) the saddles are cs relic missing a few height adjuster screws ,one may be stuck,courtesy of Fender doing relicing work,has screws to attach to body $25 delivered .The saddles might get you out of trouble with the old 57 bass plate above
62 white jazz,slab board.
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