Came to my senses...

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Came to my senses...

Post by FunkyJase » 05 Jun 2018, 13:39


So I have officially given up on PJs. I always end up just using the P pickup. I mean I love the sound of a blended PJ at home and for recording, but the bass in question is purely a live gig machine and I really wanna get back to the simplicity of a Vol and Tone set up....

So. If you have an Alder Mexican Fender P and would like to swap the body for an Alder Mexican Fender "Duff McKagan" P Bass in great condition (apart from one scar as pictured)- hit me up.
Im not fussed on colour or condition. So long as the neck will fit, it hasn't had any experimental routing or upgrades and it's drilled for a 5 hole bridge and the screw holes arent weak or threaded etc then I'll be keen to chat :-)

This will best suit someone in Melbourne because I'd like to test it out first and that will be complicated if it needs to be freighted. By testing, I just mean I want to make sure everything fits nice and snug etc and will work as intended...

The Duff body is set up with a rear control cavity with 4 holes which were Vol/Vol/Tone and a 3 Way Switch but you can use them for anything you like. It also has a side hole for the jack. The holes on the front do NOT line up with a standard scratch plate. The Duff bass never came with one but it does have a rather sexy metallic finish...

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