WTB: MM 5 String Pickup/Warwick Parts

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WTB: MM 5 String Pickup/Warwick Parts

Post by Paisley » 15 May 2018, 21:18

Crazy project #371 is under way, so I'm looking for the following:

Musicman style 5 String Pickup. After something along the lines of a Bart or a Nordy; something that will suit Fretless.

Warwick Parts; in particular the following....

* Standard 2pc Bridge; black or gold would be great.
* Tuners to suit 5 String; again , black, gold, ect.

Cheers. :)
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Re: WTB: MM 5 String Pickup/Warwick Parts

Post by Slapfest62 » 16 May 2018, 10:23

There are a big range of options -
I think about $9 will get you a chinese ebay special,
and I bet for $9, its a cracker,
Warman and other companies do a 20 euro version
But You can get an exact 5 string version of the original Leo F '77 pickup
for about $100 US at Mojotone. . . Their stuff is good.
You can pay more, but how can the dude thats asking $150 plus
compare to the guy thats happy to sell it for $9, and I presume is still making a buck?
Anyway, thats a different question . . .
I would probably get both . . a cheapie and your preferred brand.
Would be fascinating to see how they stack up..
Anyway , thats a few names . . .
I reckon you're in for some fun . . I want one too, and I'm not alone . . lol

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