WTB: Epifani UL Cab (Melbourne)

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WTB: Epifani UL Cab (Melbourne)

Post by Paisley » 06 Dec 2017, 15:50

In accordance with the everchanging configuration of my rig, I'm chasing one of the following Epifani Cabs:

UL-1 410
UL-1 210
UL-2 210

Prefer 4 ohm

Basically I already have a UL-410 & a UL-310. There's odd occasions where I want to use two Cabs; however because of the differing dimensions I can't get the 310 to sit on top of the 410 without moving around, as the plastic corners are just the perfect distance apart to be totally incompatible! :rollno:
(The 210 is the same width/depth as the 410)

Will look at buying outright, or can offer a UL-2 310 as trade bait.
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