FS/FT Torque 100W PA amplifier?

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FS/FT Torque 100W PA amplifier?

Post by Kenney » 03 Oct 2017, 08:10

Hi everyone

I am hoping to trade a 3 channel PA amplifier made by Torque for a dedicated bass cabinet of some sort.

I'm hoping the links below work



Anyhow I have been using this for my acoustic bass, with a microphone and with ipod/iPhone and keyboards but I want something proper to pair with my Ashdown Little Bastard for my Jazz.

I have modified the amp so it has an output and input jack on the back so I could use different amps with the speaker and vice versa and as standard albeit it hooked back on itself.

Each channel has its own volume, treble and bass controls, reverb off/on, fx off/on and hi/lo sensitivity inputs with a main gain, depth and fx loop controlling the lot .it's pretty versatile with a 100W 4 ohm Celestion speaker inside with a tweeter which I have disconnected as it didn't agree with bass playing(loudly) but it works fine although now i think about that was only the ashdown when i had it maxxed and not the combo.

I cleaned all the pots but it is crackly on channel one volume but only when you move the knob stable otherwise.

I am hoping that there is someone around SEQ who has some sort of bass cab which they would trade or part trade with. I would say the value of my amp is somewhere around the $100? I am not fussed on brands or condition so throw anything at me! Could even be interested in just speakers to make my own cabinet?

Hoping to hear from someone.


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