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Inserting Pictures in Your Posts: Tutorial

Posted: 29 May 2009, 06:50
by Phil
To insert pics in your posts you first need to get an online account with a photoserver. You cannot just upload picture from your PC directly to the forum.

Get an account from a free picture server such as once you have registered with them you can upload pictures from your computer to their site. When it comes time to insert a picture in one of your posts, go to your photobucket account and select one of the lines of codes under the picture you want to add.

The line of code you want to add for the forum is the "IMG Code" just copy and paste that one line into your "post a reply" or "post a topic" page.

The line pasted on your "post reply" page will look something like this.

Code: Select all


All the other lines of code under the picture will either not work in the forum or just link to the photo without showing it in your post.