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Post by FunkyJase » 22 Jan 2018, 11:13

I cant believe I'm considering this already he he. I only got this bass about five months ago!
The neck on this bass is outstanding and the tonal options are out of this world but I think I should've got a Streamer LX 4 or Spector Euro LX 4. I just prefer the sound of split P Pickups I think...

So - looking for trades of a German Pro Streamer LX 4, Spector Euro LX 4, Sandberg VM4 or Sadowsky Metro P/J Hybrid etc
Would also consider cash ;-)

Anyone keen?
Purchased from The Bass Centre in Melb - Comes with a case and all the usual tools etc.
Ovankol 3pc neck with Wenge Fret Board
Ash Body
There are steel bars embedded in the neck from the 24th fret to the 12th fret giving it amazing stability.
Twin MEC humbuckers (switchable series/single coil/parallel) and active 2 band MEC preamp. Brilliant tonal versatility whilst always maintaining that signature Warwick growl. Warwick 2 piece bridge, adjust a nut system....


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