About THUMP, & MTD KZ Mini Review!

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About THUMP, & MTD KZ Mini Review!

Post by Soong » 22 Aug 2012, 23:31

First and foremost, I need to give the biggest shout out to Jon and Thump Music. Over the last couple years I’ve been building a relationship with Thump not only in the purchase of their gear (proudly used EBS pedals, Source Audio pedals, Mono, and now MTD) but also with their masterclass tours since Victor Wooten.

Based on this, I can tell you that without a doubt Thump Music are one of the most (if not the most) hard working and genuine group of people out there looking after Aussie musicians.

If you are thinking of supporting Thump Music whether in checking out their lines, coming to clinics, sharing the love online or whatever, do not hesitate to do so – Jon and Thump will look after you 110%. I am so proud and excited to be able to partner with Thump and MTD Kingston with my new Kingston KZ 5.

Now, to MTD Kingston. As you know, the Kingston brand is Michael Tobia’s imported line of Basses. Do let that fool you – the quality and build of these instruments are just incredible. They incorporate many of the features found on the US Basses (Buzz Feiten Tuning, Zero Fret, Asymmetrical Neck, etc) so they feel like what an MTD Bass should feel like.

Sorry I'm not the most pro photographer!

The Review:


Construction, Feel & Finish:

One of the things that struck me first way before I plugged it in was just how well built this Instrument was. It felt solid, yet not heavy. Tobias’ asymmetrical neck design is not overdone in its radius and is just right; you can really feel the difference as you play around the higher strings.

While I have had the Bass only a few weeks, the tuners feel really stable and solid. I was surprised at how in tune it was right out of the box.

The factory set up was incredible. Nice medium to low action, even feel across the whole neck and no buzzes at all. Might lower it a bit more to see if I can get it any lower!

The pics don’t do this Bass’ looks justice. The burled maple top is incredible. Also, the wood pickup covers are a real treat on this bass! Classy.

Oh, and this Bass is lighter than it looks! Really nice coming from my former Ray35.

Electronics & Tone:


What I’m constantly reading online is that people love replacing the stock electronics with the Aguilar OBP-3 and the pickups with Nordstrands or Bartolinis. I dare say that some of those users really aren’t giving the stock electronics a chance. This is my third active Bass; and comparatively, the KZ’s 3-band active EQ is quite powerful and seems to have a wider freq range. Really nice neck pickup warmth and a nasal, biting bridge sound thanks to the pickup pan.

The Maple neck looks gorgeous and sounds great too.

Matching Headstock:


Other stuff:

Something needs to be said about the gig bag. Mike Tobia didn’t skimp out on these Basses by giving them cheap gig bags. These retail for over $100 (if you can find somewhere that’ll sell these pretty exclusive bags, that is) and feature thick foam padding back, front, sides and extra padding the bottom under the strap pin. Other notables include sturdy zippers, thick padded shoulder straps, plenty pocket space (pockets are padded!) and leather handles. A jumbo MTD logo finishes it off nicely!

Videos to come! Gonna put up some as soon as I can.

Thanks everyone! Check out MTD Kingston in the link in my sig.

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Re: About THUMP, & MTD KZ Mini Review!

Post by ras1983 » 23 Aug 2012, 09:55

Looks like a great bass Dan. I'm glad you're digging it.

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