TV JONES Pickups in Australia now!

Distributes fine bass products AUS wide via retail dealer network. Brands include Warwick, Rockbass, Seymour Duncan Basslines, EBS, Morley, Rockbag, Bullet, Core X2, Rockstand, FODERA, B-BAND, DTAR and more.
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TV JONES Pickups in Australia now!

Post by Dominant Music » 29 Jun 2010, 10:44

For over two decades, Thomas V. Jones, founder of TV Jones, Inc., has earned the respect and high praise of countless world-class guitar players. From his early days as a consultant at the Gretsch company to building some of the Worlds finest pickups his work has become a favorite with players such as Chris Cheney, John Mayer, Brian Setzer and countless others.

Now officially available in Australia for the first time, the full range of TV JONES pickups will be gracing your local music retailer. TV JONES boasts a range of both guitar and bass pickups including the new Thunder'Tron Bass Pickup

Boost your bass with the TV Jones Thunder'Tron Bass Pickup. Named by Saul Koll (of the Koll Guitar Company) for its thunderous bottom-end, the Thunder'Tron is the perfect replacement pickup for your old or new Gretsch® bass. Of course many players are finding great success with the pickup in all types of basses.

The Thunder'Tron is an all-around stand-out performer, with superior dynamic sensitivity and punch. String-to-string response is excellent and notes ring out with supreme fullness and clarity. The Thunder'Tron is standard equipment on the TV Jones-designed Gretsch Spectra Sonic Bass, and also the Thunder Glide Ali from Koll Guitar Co.


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