Maxgroover's 6 String Modern Jazz - #025

Modern and vintage style electric basses handmade in South East Queensland.
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Re: Maxgroover's 6 String Modern Jazz - #025

Post by PilbaraBass » 11 Oct 2012, 13:35

That’s fantastic, Matt... Your description of the bass is pretty much straight down the line with my experience. This thing can do it all, and the string-to-string balance is exceptional.
Phil has again pulled off a masterpiece. And.... I STILL WANT THAT BASS!!!! Lol
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Re: Maxgroover's 6 String Modern Jazz - #025

Post by Classic5 » 12 Oct 2012, 19:01

I really enjoyed listening to you play that tune Matt.

The bass looks and sounds superb :thumbup:
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Maxgroover's 6 String Modern Jazz - #025

Post by maxgroover » 12 Oct 2012, 21:49

PB - there will be direct flights between Gladstone and Sydney soon, feel free to pop over to play it :-). A couple of other things I've noticed is the bass is very resonant unplugged. And it balances beautifully on a strap.

Ivan - thanks mate. I've had that song in mind for some time as the one I'd record first with the Mailloux. It's such a great song - one of my favourites at the mo :yep
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