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Re: New studio build

Post by aphekgreg » 10 Jun 2018, 23:18

The better you soundproof, the more internal acoustic treatment you need too. A lightweight structure, that lets sound through, requires minimal treatment. The sound has to go somewhere, so particularly with the low frequencies, if they can't escape, they build up inside.

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Re: New studio build

Post by noplanb » 11 Jun 2018, 08:43

they build up inside
I'm only at research stage on that one. I have thought of: extra vertical studs on inside walls, say 70mm deep, rockwool in between to make a floor to ceiling insulation panel; than cover lower third or half with a board - maybe structafloor as it can get bashed about by gear; cover top part with the open rockwool with canvas or carpet (maybe carpet bottom board as well). So mids and highs will be damped by top part, and low freqs by the covered bottom with its open 'mouth' at the top of the hard board. Add these around the wall until you have evened out room resonances. Plus corner traps constructed similarly.
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Oh, I did do stage side-walls once: formply covered both sides with woolfelt underlay, then one side wrapped in fabric. Felt underlay was also applied to existing stage side walls - then 3 formply structures mounted angled and overlapped on each side, such that they made an internal 'V' to the wall. Stage sound was dampled and improved incredibly, but then it was so bad and echoey before anyway.
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