Tube Amps

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Would you buy a reasonably priced tube amp?

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Tube Amps

Post by basshack » 21 Apr 2018, 08:02

Guys I am thinking of starting a side business in building tube amps, specifically the Ampeg B-15. What interest is out there from you, a fair sample of the bass community, for a reasonably priced clone in a nice enclosure? I'm talking top quality components, point to point wiring rather than circuit boards just like they used too.
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Aussie Mark
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Re: Tube Amps

Post by Aussie Mark » 21 Apr 2018, 08:08

Blaine, are you thinking about a combo with a 15" speaker, or a standalone head like Mal O'Neill was building? And what sort of power - 30w like a B-15, or more (the O'Neill was 100w). I guess there are lots of permutations possible

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Re: Tube Amps

Post by basshack » 21 Apr 2018, 09:44

Could be anything at this stage. My initial thoughts was for the 100w variant. Cab is possible too.
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Re: Tube Amps

Post by narcdor » 21 Apr 2018, 09:50

Looks like you have a weiner on your hands by current voting...
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Re: Tube Amps

Post by BassLine » 21 Apr 2018, 11:13

Yes. Do it.

Customised enclosures would be a bit inconvenient to make but would be a unique selling point and attract the top end of the market internationally.
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Re: Tube Amps

Post by drbass » 21 Apr 2018, 11:25

Hmmmm ... super-happy with my current setup but could be tempted so I voted yes.

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Re: Tube Amps

Post by RedVee » 21 Apr 2018, 12:11

Voted yes as I would be very interested. Depending on circumstances at the time of course.

I’d be more interested in the 20-50 watt range. Not sure they are viable on a cost basis though. I figure they’d cost upteen percent of a 100 watt to build.
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Re: Tube Amps

Post by LowGroove » 21 Apr 2018, 15:05

I voted yes, but would be most interest in a 100 to 200W power amp.

I already have a Monique preamp which I would be unlikely to ditch to move to this. But a decent valve power amp would be tempting for it. I have played Monique through the Fender 100W head and was tempted to go that way until magic smoke erupted from the Fender in the store. Also would prefer point to point handwired.

Quality output transformer will be key. Have you looked into suppliers for this?

Maybe have it switchable to one or 2 of the power valves to please those wanting lower power in some circumstances??

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Re: Tube Amps

Post by NotTheFish » 21 Apr 2018, 15:57

I would rather see you clone your Monique for a good price Blaine :hyper: I have recently bought a Ampeg PF50T so I have the small tube amp covered.

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Re: Tube Amps

Post by blizzard » 21 Apr 2018, 16:25

I love the idea but am under no delusion I would buy a new amp anytime soon. However, I hope others do and it's successful.

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Re: Tube Amps

Post by Wrenn » 21 Apr 2018, 20:17

I’d love to have something like a Monique in a pedal form :)
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Re: Tube Amps

Post by aphekgreg » 22 Apr 2018, 08:31

What's the definition of reasonable? :cool: I was going to build a all valve bass head, before I bought my Traynor YBA300. I realised the parts were going to cost more than the already built amp.

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Re: Tube Amps

Post by packrat » 22 Apr 2018, 11:23

I think tube amps are amazing in concept, but then I look at something like the Traynor which seems an amazing piece of kit, and then I compare its 23kg to something like my Blue Soul (or one of several even lighter class D amps I have around) and something sort of dies inside.

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Re: Tube Amps

Post by petersemple » 22 Apr 2018, 13:28

Wrenn wrote:
21 Apr 2018, 20:17
I’d love to have something like a Monique in a pedal form :)
Dunno exactly how it matches a Monique, but this is a tube pedal that looks like a good design - the tube are running at high voltage so it should sound and act just like a proper preamp. ... be-preamp/
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Re: Tube Amps

Post by Petebass » 22 Apr 2018, 15:23

What does a Tube amp and seafood have in common? Everyone else seems to absolutely love it, people can't seem to fathom that I don't like it at all, as such I've tried very hard to like it because maybe it's an acquired taste? All to no avail .... Just not my thing!
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