Learning bass with a formal grade/exam syllabus

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Re: Learning bass with a formal grade/exam syllabus

Post by terry » 10 Sep 2019, 19:34

nevah wrote:
17 Jun 2019, 16:24
I'm considering whether learning bass through a formal syllabus with AMEB, ANSCA or TCL (Trinity College London) is the way to go for me. Has anyone here worked through any of the grades in the following courses?
  • AMEB Rockschool
  • ANZCA Modern Bass
  • TCL Rock and Pop
I'm wondering if any of these courses would set you up to competently sit in on casual jam sessions - particularly jazz (playing standards)? How well do they develop skills such as sight reading, improvisation, aural skills (especially working out the notes in a recorded track without needing sheet music), ability to interpret/understand why a piece was composed the way it was?

Also, how important do you think sitting the exams is, as compared to just working through the books without testing?
First thing first, what you need to understand most is that when these syllabus aren't necessarily going to make you realise what you really really need to focus on. Jam sessions are all mostly either playing covers or improvising right? If that's the case, then that's a matter of how much you understand context of music, e.g R&B, Blues etc. When it comes to jam session, you always need to be very quick in hearing things accurately - chord progression, quality of the chord (e.g minor/major), and knowing what choices/options you have. Also when it comes to playing covers, it's all about how many songs you know and how flexible you are at playing them in many different keys. Sometimes you'll get called for a bass solo and all that practice in understanding the harmony/key centre, scales etc will come through.

You need musicianship skills, not AMEB or any of these you mentioned. I was fronting all of the major jam sessions in Sydney and I can tell you right now you don't need these syllabus to sit at a jam session.

I'm located in Sydney, can book lessons off me and can definitely guide you to the right direction
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