Warmouth neck "support" rods

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Warmouth neck "support" rods

Post by Slapfest62 » 20 Jul 2017, 20:39

I have a spare bass that has a neck made by Warmouth.
The bass had a "slight" issue when I bought it ,
in that the fingerboard was no longer attached for about 1/3 of its length.
I removed and reglued it, but I dd notice the support rods that warmouth put in their "Super Bass" construction.
These are 2 x steel lengths (7mm x 3mm ) either side of the truss rod.
I could see why the bass was so neck-heavy (something I really hate)
So last week I took the board off again and removed the rods, replacing them with carbon fibre ones.
The steel rods weighed in at 72 grams each and the carbon fibre ones weighed just under 2 grams each.
They actually advertise this as their "Super Bass" neck construction that "eliminates dead spots".
This particular neck was made some time ago ,and now carbon fibre is also used by Warmouth,
but they still use the steel at a lower price.

Now, to me, this is complete marketing BS, or am I mistaken?

Because it seems absurd to me to add 140 grams of steel to the weight of a neck
to justify something that is questionable.

I have only once ever struck a "dead spot:" that was noticable to me in a bass neck,
and that was where someone had, for some reason, glued in a wedge-type fillet under the fingerboard
of a bass neck, while making a fretless conversion . P_redumably to "fix" it.
Wjhere the wedge fillet ended, was a very dead note, but thats the only one I have experienced.
it seems crazy to be adding steel to a neck to eliminate something that rarely happens, IMO.

I wondered what you guys thought of this, and whether it had merit
Obviously Carbon fibre is extremely appropriate , but I was more referring to the steel rods.
Is it "super construction" or super marketing or just rubbish?

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Re: Warmouth neck "support" rods

Post by blizzard » 20 Jul 2017, 20:55

Dead spots occur when there is sympathetic vibration in the neck. The natural frequency of a beam (neck) is dependent on the mass and stiffness of the beam. You can change the natural frequency of a neck by changing either of these which is exactly what both solutions do.

Incidentally you can greatly increase the stiffness by increasing the neck profile as stiffness is proportional to the thickness of the neck to the third power.

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Re: Warmouth neck "support" rods

Post by aphekgreg » 20 Jul 2017, 21:06

I have experienced dead spots and they really bug me, where I know others just see that as the quirks of that instrument.

Warmoth seem to be quite paranoid about their bass necks in general. I asked them a few times to offer a thinner neck profile, which they were very reluctant to to, but finally did [presumably not just because of me!]. They do a few unusual things on their bass necks, like making the peghead quite a bit thicker than a Fender and also using much thicker fingerboards.

Having used their necks with steel and carbon rods, I definitely prefer the carbon version. They actually seem to sound better to me. A little more even and natural. There's something different about the attack with the steel rods. I definitely prefer the lighter weight too, as I can't use a bass that's neck heavy. As for the additional cost, I think that's Warmoth trying to discourage the use of carbon, as they feel the steel is better.

Musikraft now offer carbon rods (they didn't offer any rods until recently)and have more options for neck shape and thickness, along with multiple fingerboard radius, where Warmoth only offer the one. They cost a little more, but I think they're definitely worth the extra.

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Re: Warmouth neck "support" rods

Post by noplanb » 20 Jul 2017, 22:18

Some things defy easy analysis. A really bad dead spot can be 'smoothed' somewhat by the addition of some mass to the headstock - hence the use of clamp-on "Fatfinger", or even hidden weights:
https://www.bestbassgear.com/ebass/gear ... dspot.html
I've had success by using tuner screws to attach a brass bar across the back of two tuner mechanisms (about 60grams extra I think).
So maybe all that extra weight of steel inside the neck does something too?
I'm going to try adding a brass bar across the string slots on the bridge of another bass I'd like to reduce deadspots on - eventually....
I see..............basses!

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