Inserting Youtube Videos in Your Posts: Tutorial

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Inserting Youtube Videos in Your Posts: Tutorial

Post by Phil » 29 May 2009, 07:03

EDIT 2017:
Do not use the youtube button anymore.

A new forum expansions has been put into place. To embed a youtube video or any video from any website just paste the address into your post and the video will be automatically embedded.

To insert Youtube videos in your posts, all you need to do is click on the Youtube button in you "post reply" or "post topic" page. Go to the youtube page you want add and copy the link in your browser, paste it between the youtube brackets on your forum reply page.

Your coding will look something like this.

Code: Select all

The youtube button is picky! your coding needs to end with that random series of letters and numbers, sometimes youtube formats some videos differently and the link may end with "Y9KC7uhMY9s:fmt=13" or some other formatting stuff. Just deleted the :fmt and the rest from your line of code and the video should work fine.

Before you click the submit button hit the preview button to see if it displays correctly, if it doesn't edit the lines until it does then submit the thread.

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Re: Inserting Youtube Videos in Your Posts: Tutorial

Post by Rude_Mechanical » 05 Apr 2012, 12:59


Do not use the version of the link please.

If there is an ampersand (one of these guys: &) in your link, kill it and everything to the right of it.
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Re: Inserting Youtube Videos in Your Posts: Tutorial

Post by balzac » 04 Dec 2013, 09:24

I've found the youtube button doesn't like 'https' links either. Just delete the 's' and you're good to go.

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Re: Inserting Youtube Videos in Your Posts: Tutorial

Post by Wrenn » 10 Mar 2017, 17:09

I just found that if you copy a link in youtube from iPad it shows like this:

1. remove the 's' after http
2. put www and .com and make youtube as one word (without period)
3. insert 'watch?v=' after youtube

It should look like this:

Insert the final link to the youtube button and you're good to go.
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