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Ozbass Rules - ALL READ!

Post by mkat » 07 Dec 2011, 10:06

Forum Rules

Forum rules are mandatory reading for all members.

Behavourial Rules

The behavioral rules outlined below govern the behaviour expected of all members.

OzbassForum is here for people to enjoy and participate in bass and other related discussions in a relaxed environment.

- Forum members must communicate with respect. Not everyone will agree on any given topic, so accept differences of opinion and respond with courtesy.

- Due to the wide age group of members, as well as gender and cultural differences, there will be zero tolerance on demeaning comments on race, disability, gender, religion, sexuality and so on. This also applies to defamatory, inflammatory, abusive, aggressive, profane, obscene remarks and/or material.

- Harassing members is unacceptable, learn to communicate with respect. If you disagree with someone do not pursue them and derail a thread in the process, take it offline - use PM.

- No trolling allowed. i.e. someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

- Provoking and baiting members is unacceptable. Anyone (perpetrator / perpetuator) making conceited, derogatory, obnoxious comments - especially after warnings have been issued will be dealt with accordingly. The same rules above apply to communications with moderators.

- Do not question the actions of a moderator publicly. If you do not agree with an action, contact a moderator via PM. If the issue cannot be resolved with the moderator you have contacted, please approach an admin or other moderator.

Not adhering to the rules could lead to a temporary or permanent ban.


OzBass Forum members who are affiliated with either a brand of music equipment, or a distributor/retailer of music equipment, including Sponsoring Members, must disclose their affiliation clearly in their signature. This includes formal endorsements, access to free or significantly discounted or long-term loans of equipment at no cost.

Classifieds Rules

Before you post in the Classifieds forums, read the Forum Rules. Failure to do so can result in your threads or posts being deleted without notice.

Classifieds are a "Supporting Member" only section. This means For Sale/Trade/Wanted threads can now only be started by Supporting Members. To become a supporting member click on PayPal Donate button at the bottom of this page.

- Only Bass Related Items Are Allowed.

- Each item for sale must have a sale PRICE and LOCATION within the thread - it is not good enough to have that information available via an external link.

- Links to eBay sales are acceptable, but the thread must be suspended with a "Sold pending payment" note once the eBay listing has bids. This may be retracted if the eBay buyer fails to pay.

- Items for trade must list an EQUIVALENT PRICE of another item to trade for, and/or a list of items (or type of items) the trader would like to trade for.

- The Classifieds forums are strictly limited to items for sale and trade (no feeler type threads), and wanted to buy, no auction type threads allowed.

- Price check type threads are limited to the appropriate Discussions forum (eg. Basses, Electronics), not the Classifieds forums. Price checks are NOT available to non-supporting members for items they are "thinking of selling".

- Threads must remain on topic. Unsolicited, inappropriate and negative comments (eg. regarding sale price, comparisons against other items, subjective commentary and so on) in order to derail or discredit an item are unacceptable.

- Commercial users, dealers, distributors, retailers cannot post items for sale/trade in this forum, use the Commercial Users forum. The exception is where personal items are owned by an individual as opposed to a business or business transaction. Sponsoring Members can use the classifieds forum in addition to their own forum to put items up for sale.

- Members must not post on behalf of another member (banned or not) or non-member for sale/trade or any other post/thread in the Classifieds forum.

- Posting items for banned members is a bannable offense resulting in a immediate permanent ban without warning.

- All of the above also applies to Wanted ads.

- Bumping Etiquette: You can bump your sale thread only once every 3 days. You may however add additional information to your thread or keep a discussion going when you wish.

All offending threads will be deleted without notice.

WARNING: Ozbassforum.com and its staff take no responsibility whatsoever for any transactions that occur in the Classifieds or other forum. Transactions are performed at your own risk.

Commercial User Policy

- No advertising is permitted in any forum other than the Sponsored and Classified Forums. This may be relaxed with permission from the Forum Administrator in special circumstances if it generally keeps in line with the specific forum. Posts that are deemed to advertise in Forums other than these will be moved or deleted. Further advertising will result in losing forum privileges.

- Any paid or unpaid member associated with a company selling or distributing a brand, directly or indirectly, must post all threads about the said brand in the Sponsored Forums or Classified Forums. Sponsors are free to discuss their products and link to their websites on threads outside of the Sponsored Forums (as long as Administrator or Moderators do not deem it spam), but members that are not sponsors do not have this privilege.

- Members who are not sponsors are restricted to advertise in the Classified Forums only. They are free to advertise and link to their company website within the Classified Forums. They can opine about a product they are affiliated with in other forums, but must not advertise it and must not link to their company website.

- For example, sponsor A discusses product X in a thread, but member B who is not a sponsor can offer an opinion on it but must not advertise or link to product X or any other product they sell or distribute in that thread.

Miscellaneous Rules

- Members must not list any items for sale/trade/to buy in their signature. Gear for sale/trade/to buy is strictly restricted to the classifieds forum.

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