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How The Supporting Memberships Work

Post by Phil » 23 May 2010, 11:20

There's quite a few questions regarding the supporting memberships. I'm hoping this thread will clarify this issue.

All donations will be taken from the Paypal Donation button at the bottom of the forum, on each page of the forum. This is the fastest easiest way since that link will automatically upgrade your membership as soon as its accepted and at the same time send me information on which member upgraded.

As from June 1rst, 2010 the Classifieds Forum will be for Supporting members only. To get this type of membership a minimum of $10 donation is accepted. This means you need to be a Supporting Member to start threads.

You may buy an Ozbass t-shirt on the T-shirt thread in the Miscellaneous forum which qualifies as Supporting Member. t-shirts are $25 each. T-shirts might not always be alvailable in your size, check first with me.

To become a Gold Supporting Member you need to have donated $100 or more to the forum over the course of the time you have been a member. This includes sale of t-shirts, small donations in several installments etc.. Several donations over a period of time does not entitle you to a free t-shirt. It's likely that if you donated several times you already have one ;)

A $100 donation at one time through the Paypal link gives you a free Ozbass t-shirt, again, check first with me for availability.

Mailloux basses do not qualify as a forum donation. I realise that the basses are substantial investment but I try to Keep Mailloux Basses and Ozbassforum as two different businesses and don't mix forum donation money with bass money. I hope I won't offend anyone with this but I feel its more fair for the forum and its supporting members to keep it this way.

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