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by Arcadia
04 Aug 2017, 14:23
Forum: Watchdog Forum
Topic: The Feedback Thread
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Re: The Feedback Thread

Seller - BazzBass Buyer - myself Item - Cave Audio Tight Ar$e. My first foray into the OzBass forums and Bazz was a treasure to find. Seriously awesome bloke, went above and beyond using express post to get the TA to me before a gig tonight. Can't type enough good words about him. Cheers Bazz and Ch...
by Arcadia
27 Jul 2017, 22:45
Forum: Cave Passive Pedals
Topic: Order Your Tight Ar$e Here $39
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Re: Order Your Tight Ar$e Here $39

Are there any more of these available to purchase at the moment?
Or is there another run in the near future mayhap?