Left field question - chorus pedals and feedback a-la Magic Dirt

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Left field question - chorus pedals and feedback a-la Magic Dirt

Post by WestOfBen » 09 Feb 2018, 17:50

I can’t find an answer anywhere to a question I have pondered for years.

Why and how do chorus pedals feedback the way they do, warbly and self-oscillatory. Mostly this happens with guitar but I have achieved the same with bass > any old chorus > big muff or TurboRAT and close proximity or high volume.

Think Magic Dirt, so many tracks. Especially Life was better... and Friends in Danger. These guys and gal mastered the effect, which is no small feat because it is a chaotic effect hard to tame. I have seen MD live a few times over the years, from waaay back when and they always near on nailed it each time. Do dearly miss DT.

It is known why delay pedals self-oscillate and feedback the way they do. The way chorus pedals do this has always intrigued me.

Anyone got clues or theories?
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