Eastwood K-200. Where get i get one?

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Eastwood K-200. Where get i get one?

Post by sloan2002 » 15 May 2018, 09:33


Been looking at the Eastwood repro of the Kustom K-200 bass guitar. Any ideas wherevi can purchaae one in Australia? Googled it and only get US and European sellers.

I tried the dealer links on the Eastwood website but none of the Aussie dealers seem to sell them.
Anyone tried one of these basses?


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Re: Eastwood K-200. Where get i get one?

Post by BazzBass » 16 May 2018, 14:45

Umm the Eastwood website clearly states Shipping worldwide from warehouses in the USA and Europe (UK)

you can buy it from their site.

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Re: Eastwood K-200. Where get i get one?

Post by kat888 » 18 May 2018, 08:12

There was a fair bit of chatter on TalkBass about Eastwood having QC issues. Something to bear in mind.
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Re: Eastwood K-200. Where get i get one?

Post by MrMow » 24 May 2018, 22:21

I had an Eastwood and it was junk.
Bridge was installed crooked and too far back, screw homes were crooked and stripped out all over. It was a cheapo Chinese thing.
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