MTD USA Daniel Sing Custom 534

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Re: MTD USA Daniel Sing Custom 534

Post by Soong » 21 Feb 2018, 12:48

Curto wrote:
21 Feb 2018, 07:03
You're blessed man! Joining the ranks of Andrew Gouche and Norm Stockton.
Thanks man! Just to clarify, this is not a signature line lol! Just a custom build through Bass Centre.

aphekgreg wrote:
21 Feb 2018, 09:01

Does it cost much more for a custom one off?
All MTD USAs are one off orders.
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Re: MTD USA Daniel Sing Custom 534

Post by swalexbass » 21 Feb 2018, 14:06

The blue burst on that timber top is going to be so awesome. Congratulations Daniel :) Your next 6-9 months must feel like an eternity waiting for that beast.
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