Tighter Ar$e

Boutique bass guitar effects pedals that require no battery or power supply. Includes multi-channel boosters and drivers in a compact, aluminium casing with D.I. output.
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Re: Tighter Ar$e

Post by BazzBass » 31 Mar 2017, 13:18

SnowJambi wrote:Appreciate the offer! I ended up buying an amp with an inbuilt HPF so I've got this solved :)
even easier solution.

which amp by the way?
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Re: Tighter Ar$e

Post by SnowJambi » 31 Mar 2017, 14:14

BazzBass wrote:even easier solution.

which amp by the way?
I've got a Bergantino B Amp on the way thanks to jumpin jimmy!

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