USED Basses......webpage now updated

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USED Basses......webpage now updated

Post by consecutive e » 02 Mar 2012, 09:47

I was in Bass Centre when that Kubicki went in. Didn't have a play but it looked awesome.
There's a few old school Stu Hamm videos on YouTube where he uses one and makes it sound great.

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Re: USED Basses......webpage now updated

Post by basshack » 09 Jun 2012, 12:49

BassCentre wrote:1973 Fender Precision $3699
Had a little noodle on this bass this morning. Not amplified, after all it is a place where real bass players hang out. ;) Just thought I'd say it felt really comfortable straight away and I guess surprised me. I've got an '83 at home at present and this felt a lot better, neck wise, weighed less and could of easily gone home with me.
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