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Threads to lend a hand to the working bass player
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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Veldar » 23 Feb 2016, 22:27

Sam - 0457175649
Hunter Valley & Newcastle
Metal, rock, pop but will play anything & am constantly looking to expand my experience of genres
Experience in covers & originals for 3 years, been playing for 6 years
EBMM Bongo, Aguilar TH500
Effects: yes... please
Vocals: if required but prefer not to
Originally this was where all the people I've sold/gotten gear from that went well, but I haven't met a bad person yet :D

Thanks to giggawazza for the Bongo.

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by thqm3 » 26 Aug 2016, 15:03

Thom - 0406523757 - Sydney (inner west)
I can read, and also have a good ear. Extreme styles of metal preferred, but can and will do anything except country.
Thumb Bolt 6, FNA Jazzman 4.
Fender Bassman 70/Little Mark Tube/Randall Commander Bass 120/Markbass 2x10/Hartke 8x10/EV 1x15.
Effects junkie.
Light tenor vocals.
'Wick & Stick
Pedal junkie

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by thorne_92 » 07 Sep 2016, 17:04

Daniel 0481223586
Area: Penrith to city
Styles: Blues, Funk, Rock, Soul (will give anything a bash)
Experience: 5+yrs
Gear: Marco bass TFL 5 string, Aguilar th500, sansamp bass DI, POG 2, JHS Moonshine, Swollen pickle, Line 6 m9
Vox: no
Fender jazz V, Marco bass TFL 5
Aguilar th500, EB custom 2x12
Tu-2 - MXR bass octave deluxe - wooly mammoth - swollen pickle - sansamp

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Wrenn » 25 Dec 2017, 21:19

Wrenn: 0400 384 713
Preferred Location: Macarthur area to Sydney
Styles: Rock, Pop, World
Experience: 25 on and off years experience playing
Bass: LowEnd Jazz Classic 24
Head: Glockenklang Blue Soul/ Cab: Schroeder 1212
Combo: Hartke Kickback KB12
Effects: only what's needed
Vocals: Lead and backing
:hmm :)
Band: PLATFORM http://www.facebook.com/PlatformBandSydney
Basses: LEJ 5/24
Head: Glockenklang Blue Soul/ Cab: Schroeder 1212
Combo: Hartke Kickback KB12

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