OzBass Members' gigs - go on promote yourself!

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Re: OzBass Members' gigs - go on promote yourself!

Post by RedVee » 08 Aug 2017, 17:58

Aussie Mark wrote:
02 Aug 2017, 09:32
A rare gig for me these days, my first since March. I'm being Ray Manzarek's left hand and Bill Wyman in the same night, in the auditorium at Club Menai in Sydney's South.


Looks like George IV at Picton is under new management that hopefully will reopen it (after the flood).
Let's hope they get bands in again
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Re: OzBass Members' gigs - go on promote yourself!

Post by Aussie Mark » 09 Aug 2017, 12:23

BazzBass wrote:
08 Aug 2017, 16:54
I've got all the bass player's essentials.


Gawdy hawaiian shirt :D
Clearly a blues band. I bet another band member will be wearing a suit jacket, another a waistcoat over a t shirt, and another will be wearing shorts and thongs.

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Re: OzBass Members' gigs - go on promote yourself!

Post by BazzBass » 09 Aug 2017, 17:01

hehe nah not blues. Drummer is a pensioner with a beret, so I kinda have to wear the hat

OK, I SHOULD be in a blues band with that hat hehe
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Re: OzBass Members' gigs - go on promote yourself!

Post by rev matt » 17 Aug 2017, 13:47

I've been threatening the rest of the band that I may be wearing a gaudy Hawaiian shirt at any future gigs.
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