EBS Wah-One (2 in 1 Volume & Wah))

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EBS Wah-One (2 in 1 Volume & Wah))

Post by Imaidan » 05 Jul 2018, 15:57

EBS Wah-One (2 in 1 Volume and Wah)
Originally bought from wilbur88 from this thread:
Pics here> viewtopic.php?p=48112#p48112
(I can take some more pics if someone wants, condition hasn't changed.
I had all sorts of funky dreams of grandeur but in the end I didn't have the patience to work on getting the wah to sweep in a musical fashion with my phrases. Also, I find myself never really needing a volume pedal . To the very best of my memory, it's only left the house 3 or 4 times since I got it, just to friends places for jams and the like. Great wah, and the bass through this pedal sounds like a bass.
True bypass, tube-sim (actually a really sweet feature), reversible, low pass and Hi-Q modes along with volume? What more could you ask for?

More specs and sound samples here:
Review here:


$200 + shipping
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